Main Street & I-35 Bridge

Land Run of 1889 Depiction


Positioned on the MSE walls nearest the bridge are monumental medallions showing a bas relief of racing settlers determined to claim their share of the newly opened Oklahoma territory. Framing these medallions is an abstract geometric design inspired by aerial views of the furrowed fields of local farms. The pattern continues along the length of the MSE walls and is also repeated on the bridge’s bent of piers. On the bridge deck, CDR designed a landscaped pedestrian facility/respite area with cast concrete seating/planter beds with the following text: “We Belong to the Land” from Oscar Hammerstein’s play Oklahoma! and “City of Norman, Established in 1889,” welcoming commuters into downtown Norman.


Oklahoma Art in Public Places Division
Oklahoma Department of Transportation
Oklahoma Historical Society
City of Norman
Cobb Engineering
Haskell Lemon
Manhattan Road and Bridge
Creative Form Liners, Inc.