Master Planning

CDR creates visionary Master Plans for highway infrastructure and designs urban development projects in the United States and Canada.

Context Sensitive Solutions

CDR is a proven leader in CSS and bridge and highway design, ensuring every project integrates with its specific environment.

3D Visualization

Our renders are your reality. Using your project plans, CDR creates virtual 3D models, environments, and products that show how your design will appear in the real world.

Welcome to Creative Design Resolutions

We are Creative Design Resolutions, Inc. (CDR), an industry leader in the exploration and development of context sensitive aesthetic transportation design, an increasingly essential component of successful highway, bridge, and related roadway projects. We work with communities and project teams to develop site-specific aesthetic treatments that respect and engage the community’s history, values, and surrounding environment and architecture.

Our Mission

We believe the most successful civic projects employ context sensitive design during the initial design phase and each step in the development process, thus making available a variety of design options right from the start.

Context sensitive solutions work best when the public is involved from the onset, and when open and honest communication is maintained with all stakeholders throughout the entire process. CDR makes this process seamless by acting as the liaison between the project team, the community and all other stakeholders.


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