CDR’s Aesthetic Master Plan Coming To Life at Big Rock Interchange in Little Rock, AK

Arkansas Highway and Transportation Department (AHTD) decided to revamp the state’s largest interchange, I-630/I-430 in Little Rock. It is the largest highway project in the state’s history at $140M. CDR was contacted to fast-track a complete Aesthetic Master Plan for the on and off ramps, parapets, abutments, columns, piers, MSE walls and retaining walls. Construction has begun on Phase III by Manhattan Road and Bridge Company and Weaver Bailey Contractors, Inc. The Aesthetic Master Plan for the project is beginning to realize and helps bring a cohesiveness to the area. Instead of blank highway retaining walls and grey monolithic bridge elements, AHTD decided to give the project a beautiful visual injection of imagery reflecting local and historical icons like the state tree (Loblolly Pine) and the state emblem centered on the bridge parapets.