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Washington DC's Arizona Ave. Pedestrian Bridge & Trail with design concepts that reflect the Palisades community

In this video, we demonstrate how we helped the Pima County Transportation Department design a similar pedestrian bridge project in Tucson, Arizona.

CDR's History

Established in 1998, CDR was created to focus solely on highway and transportation projects. CDR has been a nationwide leader in infrastructure aesthetic design. We have worked with DOT, architectural firms, engineering companies and developers nationwide to become the leader in infrastructure design.

What We Do

  • Develop aesthetic master plans and corridor studies.
  • Create 3D models, animations & AutoCAD plan sheets
  • Consult during all phases of highway and bridge projects
  • Provide specifications & estimates

Our Process

Our process begins with developing a master plan. Once we see the vision laid out from start to finish, we make any adjustments needed to get the project on time and on budget.

Next, we will show you a 3D model and blueprint of the entire design. Then we get our hands dirty in the design, development, engineering and construction phases. We see all projects from beginning to end.

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