Steven Weitzman is the President & CEO of Creative Design Resolutions, Inc. (CDR), an aesthetic design firm that specializes in the aesthetic design of infrastructure projects and pedestrian facilities. Weitzman is an award-winning designer of urban spaces, including large scale bridge, highway and master plan projects across the country. During his successful forty-year career, he and his company CDR have designed more aesthetic bridge and highway projects across America than any other aesthetic design firm in the country. He has combined his leadership and entrepreneurial spirit with his creative talents, engineering aptitude and business skills to create ‘contextually relevant‘ and ‘meaningful‘ infrastructure designs.

Weitzman has ‘written the book’ on the best practices in incorporating aesthetics into transportation infrastructure design. Many of his best practices, created over nearly 25 years of implementation, are now the standards used by numerous departments of transportation across the country. He is currently authoring one of the most up to date and complete transportation aesthetic manuals in the industry.


In this call, we will speak directly to your project’s unique story. This ensures the design appears natural, like it’s always been a part of your infrastructure.

  • The Architecture
  • The History
  • Your Values & Visions
  • Your Philosophy
  • Natural Environment
  • Community
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