The Power of Green Infrastructure

We hear the term “Green Infrastructure” thrown around a lot, but what does it mean? This term refers to the integration of ‘nature’ such as flora, fauna, trees, bushes, grasses and ecosystems into construction and infrastructure projects. Examples include green walls, green roofs, gardens, trails and greenways, nature preserves, wet lands, and water irrigation and reuse solutions. Now that we know the what – why is green infrastructure important?

Green Infrastructure helps cities create sustainable communities that reduce the carbon footprint.  Design considerations should always include pedestrian facilities that encourage outdoor activity and exercise, like hike/bike paths.  Such design considerations can leave a lasting impact for generations to come and can also establish a firm connection to the culture and history of the location it supports. When the healthy environment community supported will leave a positive impact, an educational respite and an eco-footprint on the path to a healthier environment.

Read this article from the American Planning Association to learn more about the positive impact of green infrastructure and its positive contribution to healthy living and the environment.