Introducing the FŌTERA® Solution:

For the last 30 years we have worked with a terrazzo process called FŌTERA® , which is a structural concrete or resin terrazzo material created by Steven Weitzman and produced from a unique process to cast any image or design in full color structural concrete.

Used for indoor and outdoor applications, the solid structure of this concrete terrazzo means that all color, images, and designs are cast deep into the piece. Common applications include wall treatments, like sides of buildings, or hardscapes, like plazas and sidewalks.

Fotera is not limited to architectural treatments and also can be used to enhance commercial and residential applications. Weitzman casts pigmented color against color or gradate across color fields, so there is no need for expensive metal divider strips that expand and contract at different coefficient ratios when using cementitious or resinous terrazzo indoors or outdoors, resulting in cracked terrazzo, creating higher maintenance costs.

Why use FOTERA?

Many problems that most airports face using Terrazzo:

  • Is the coefficient (expansion and contraction) between the brass (and sometimes metal, or brass icons they lay into the design of the floors) etching that surrounds their details and the resinous terrazzo.
  • Metal expands and cracks the resin and because of excessive polishing and abrasives, metal oxidizes and stains the resin around it.
  • Further, when they polish it, if looking down the length of the concourse, you may also notice waves in the floor. This is because the resin grinds faster than the metal, creating these high and low points because the metal is harder than the resin.

Needless to say, brass edging, design and icons, etc. are very expensive to make and to install. CDR has eliminated the need to include these brass forms and are able to design the whole floor out of terrazzo. If there is brass edging wanted — we can incorporate it. We can create a hairline registration between color fields, gradate across color fields- the possibilities are endless – and reduce costs by reducing the need for brass and brass inlays. This is a proven process that we have been doing for over thirty years.

FŌTERA® for Indoors:

which is, for indoors, a resin-based terrazzo that does not require metal borders or edging to create highly pictorial graphics, or words and illustrations, defined by hairline registration between color fields (gradations of color).

FŌTERA® for Outdoors:

For outdoors, this cementitious based FŌTERA®, which is colorfast, will not fade, and at 7000 psi, and has been successfully used around the country. Because it can be used for both indoors and outdoors, these are not superficial treatments; they are in fact integrally cast deep into floors, plazas, wall treatments for sides of buildings, and for hardscapes and sidewalks.

Other solutions we provide: Wayfinding

Here are two quick examples of how this is used – both of which are interactive.

  • The Great Map of Colorado (resin based). As an interior resin based FŌTERA®, the award winning, interactive, topographical Great Map of Colorado in the History of Colorado Center offers a great example. Comprised of 234 pre-cast full color FŌTERA®® terrazzo tiles,  this map shows the state of Colorado as we would see as viewed from 100 miles above. One of the most compelling features of this project is the inclusion of multiple Radio Frequency Id (RFID) tags embedded strategically throughout the map, that reveal geographical and historical information about a specific region or location on the map.  This project won the National Terrazzo and Mosaic Association’s Art Special Award in 2012
  • The Belvedere National Harbor Plaza (cement based).   As an exterior example of cementitious based FŌTERA® is the Belvedere at National Harbor in Washington DC. This another colorful, interactive outdoor terrazzo public art identifies local cities including icons and key monuments

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